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Stop the sabotage


seductive women

Isn’t it time that women stopped sabotaging each other and started to work together?  The predatory behaviour of some women setting out to “take from” other women or “show up” other women doesn’t get any of us anywhere.  It doesn’t help women to progress and it doesn’t help men to progress.  Why do you think men are so successful in this world?  It has nothing to do with them being better or stronger or having more brains than a women, it has a lot to do with the clear code of conduct between men – it was once known as “gentlemanly behaviour”, maybe this is not the current code, but there is a code, a way that men have of behaving and supporting each other that is positive.  Men often stick together when they are out looking for a female mate so that they have the support of their mates – “hunting in packs”.  It is about more than just hunting.  They support each other – in funny ways sometimes, like one mate saying to the other, “hey Johnno, she looks nice” to inappropriate ways that demean women – nevertheless there is a support of each other for the end game.  Although women have an infinite capacity to give positive support of other women, there is a behaviour that sees many women compete against each other to the detriment of each other and ultimately to the detriment of themselves.  Read the rest of this entry

A Call to all “Real Women” out there


I am looking for “real” size women to take part in a photo gallery of “real” women wearing “real” clothes that are “really” comfortable on “real” women.  I want to have photo’s of women wearing what they feel comfortable in, whether that be your dressing gown and pyjama’s or your most expensive outfit.

Changing Women is a forum to discuss women’s fashion issues, to share idea’s about changing women’s fashion, to empower and inspire each other to “change” themselves and in turn, to change our corners of the world.  The way we look at ourselves from our clothes, our hair to our body shape really affects the way we feel about ourselves – it shouldn’t – but it does, so let’s do our best to support each other and promote an environment to celebrate women by being real and not just subscribing to the traditional male model of what is beautiful and good and desirable in a women.

Stupid Shoes

You know this model – it is the one that we see portrayed in books, magazines, TV commercials, movies, fashion and the list goes on.  We are just people of the female gender so why not have clothes that celebrate our shape without forcing us to “be” something else or to continually strive for the impossible?

Let’s promote substance, integrity and use our “real” woman-ness to make a difference!

Register using the “REGISTER for Email Subscription and I will send you more details on how to get your photo’s displayed on this forum.

Me in comfy shirt and trousers